Commission of mountaineering, formation and safety

Trekking, climbing, ski-mountaineering and snowshoeing in the Alps is promoted by all the CAA member associations. The commission of mountaineering advocates the exercise of mountains sports on oneís own responsibility and environmentally friendly.

The commission works out recommendations for safe mountaineering which can be understood and accepted by all persons, in areas which are similar throughout the Alps. Examples: Via ferratas and trekking.

The formation of voluntary tour guides and trainers is a core competence of the CAA associations. The tour guides, who operate for their associations and their members, also like to visit neighbouring alpine countries very often. Therefore the commission has dealt with a comparison between the formation structures and qualifications. Furthermore, the overall educational goals are to be discussed.

Safety, safety technology and methods as well as risk management in mountain sports shall be further developed together. To achieve this goal, the commission is also in contact with the UIAA safety commission.

6./7.6. 2019: Meeting of the commission of mountaineering, training and safety in Slovenia

During the last years the CAA approved a couple of recommendations regarding mountaineering which the commission has developed. They are directed toward the single mountaineer. The CAA-associations use them for their public relations work.

Belay devices (sport climbing) (2017)

Safe Ski tours (Update 2018)

Safety on Alpine tours (Update 2018)

Mountain Biking - safe and fair (2013)

Hiking in safety (Update 2018)

Safety on Via ferratas (Update 2018)

Furthermore the commission had the leading role in the development of the position paper "Alpine sports and risks involved" (2013)



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