Commission for nature protection and alpine spatial planning

The Alps represent the most developed mountains in the world, and they are under an enormous pressure from different sides – agriculture, tourism, transport, exploitation of energy and resources, industry and military use.

At the same time the Alps are a European core region of landscape diversity and biodiversity which has to be protected, managed and carefully developed.

As a result, there are many areas of tension which have to be approached following the principles of sustainable development. Most of the problem areas need transboundary solutions – the Alpine Convention offers the framework for it.

The alpine associations as touristic users and at the same time traditional protectors of the Alps are situated in the middle of this area of tension. On the one hand they have to develop their own activities – tours, huts, trails, mobility – as environmentally friendly as possible, on the other hand they have to stand up for the protection of the alpine landscapes and habitats as well as for a concrete and comprehensible policy of environment at a higher ranking level, e. g. in the fields of climate protection and energy.

The commission of nature protection and alpine spacial planning carries on the technical exchange of knowledge between the single alpine associations, develops positions and strategies for the CAA regarding alpine issues of nature and environment, deals with the encouragement of the implementation of the Alpine Convention and realizes events, especially in the fields of information and raising awareness among mountaineers.

11.-13. April, 2019: Meeting commission for nature protection and alpine spatial planning, Benediktbeuern, Germany

During the last years the commission  has taken a lead in the development of a couple of CAA-Position papers.

Artifical snow making (2016)

Protect the alpine landscapes (2014, update 2017)

Wind power plants in mountain areas (update 2014)

Adventure Installations (2012)

Energy policy in the Alps (2012)

Political demands on Climate Change (new version 2018)

Climate strategy (new version 2018)

Motorised offroad-traffic in the Alps (2009)

Via ferratas in nature and landscape (update 2017)