Liechtenstein Alpine Club (LAV)

The Liechtenstein Alpine Club is one of the oldest associations in the Principality of Liechtenstein. With over 2800 members, it is the largest association in the country. It aims to promote mountaineering and, above all, to provide young people with instructions for a real experience of nature. Awakening and promoting thoughts and aspirations for nature and landscape protection at home is also a goal.

The LAV operates two mountain huts, the Gafadura hut and the Pfälzer hut. In the name of the latter is also the origin of the association. Founded in 1909 as the "Liechtenstein" section of the DAV and the OeAV, the association became independent in 1946. It organises the mountain rescue and phytosanitary system in conjunction with the state authorities.

Today the association operates an office in Schaan, participates in the legislation which affects the purpose of the association and tries to help in the observance of the nature conservation laws.

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