Deutscher Alpenverein e. V. (DAV)

Foto: DAV/Thilo Brunner

German Alpine Club (DAV)

The German Alpine Club – founded in 1869 – represents above all one thing, the passion for the mountains: the simple, memorable commitment: „We love the mountains!“ has been fixed also in its guiding principles. The DAV is an association of mountain sports and nature protection, ideologically and politically independent.

Who are the people behind the DAV?

With its more than 1,2 million members (2017) the DAV is the biggest association of mountain sports in the world and one of the largest officially recognised associations of nature protection in Germany.

Its members are organised in 355 regional and independent clubs, the sections. The DAV is open for all those who identify themselves with its values and goals: In the DAV lovers of nature and trekkers feel just as at home as  climbers and ski-mountaineers, beginners as well as experts.

In this context everyone is free to decide where and how strong his commitment is. Some use the various offers in all areas of mountain sports and nature protection. Others create these offers on a voluntary base: they conduct training courses, look after mountain huts and climbing halls, organise youth groups and lead section libraries. 

What does the DAV do?

Mountain sports and mountaineering

Mountain sports and mountaineering offer a fascinating range of activities – from trekking to touring to climbing to ski mountaineering and mountain biking.  In all these disciplines, alpine formation and safety are of central importance. The DAV safety research analyses accidents, searches for causes and develops safety concepts. The more than 8500 tour guides, trained by the DAV, profit from this know-how as well as the participants of the tours and courses in the sections.  Apart from the grassroots sports the DAV also supports the competitive sports and is one of the currently 28 non-olympic sports associations in the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB).

Nature and Environment

The living and experience area Alps is unique, but also threatened. Therefore the DAV promotes an ecologically and environmentally, climate-friendly exercised mountaineering and tries to ensure that the infrastructure with huts and trails is maintained and modernized according to ecological principals. Results of this commitment are, among others, the projects „Environmentally friendly ski mountaineering“ and the “Action protection forest”. As officially recognised association for nature protection the DAV comments on procedures of nature conservation law, especially when they regard the increasing development of infrastructure in the Alps.

Huts, trails, climbing facilities

The infrastructure provided by the DAV and its sections for the community of all mountaineers includes i. a. 325 huts open to the public and 30,000 kilometers of trails in the German and Austrian Alps and the German low mountain range. The more than 370 artificial climbing facilities, which are maintained by the DAV sections, offer climbing possibilities close to home for DAV members and non-members and are distributed throughout Germany.


The variety of alpinism and thereby of the DAV is found again in the House of Alpinism in Munich. The Alpine Museum, the archive and the library of the DAV cope with history, culture and current issues around the topic mountains and offer space to mountain-interested persons to inform themselves and to communicate with each other.

Where do I find information about the DAV?

Information about the DAV, its sections, its work and offers can be found on  (German)



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