The Club Alpino Italiano: an association with 150 years of history

Founded on the 23rd of October 1863 in Torino – even if the ideal foundation already took place on the 12th of August during the famous ascent to the Monviso by Quintino Sella, Giovanni Barracco, Paolo and Giacinto di Saint Robert - , the Club Alpino Italiano is a free national association, which, corresponding to art. 1 of its statuts, “has the scope of alpinism in all its manifestations, the knowledge and the study of the mountains, especially the Italian ones, and the protection of their natural environment.”

From a legal point of view the Club Alpino Italiano is a non-economic public authority, established on the 26th of January 1963 with law n.91 and following changes and additions. The association is composed by the members of the sections which are coordinated in regional groups.  In December 2012 the CAI had 315 914 members in 498 sections and 309 subsections which in turn belonged to 21 regional groups (two of those on the provincial level: Trentino and South Tyrol)

On the national Italian level, the central structure of the CAI is a non-economic public authority, while the peripheral structures (sections, regional and provincial groups) are subjects of private law. 

In application of law n.776 from the 24th of December 1985 relative to new dispositions about the CAI, the association provides the following activities for its members and others in the framework of its statutory tasks:

The great enthusiasm of the voluntary commitment which distinguishes CAI in the panorama of Italian associations has allowed concretizing a wide range of offers in favour of the mountains and their visitors, as refuges, bivouacs, trails, reforestations and social works.

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