Alpine Convention + EUSALP

Here you can download reports from the CAA-representatives from meetings and/or CAA-remarks and other important documents relating to the Alpine Convention, some of them - but not all- in english language, sorted thematically.

Further information about all subjects of the Alpine Convention you'll find on its website

 Overview Alpine Convention Working Groups/Platforms, CAA-representation, November 2017.

List of the EUSALP action groups

Overview Alpine Convention/EUSALP, December 2016


Permanent Committee and Alpine Conference

Compliance Committee of the Alpine Convention

Alpine Macro-regional Strategy (EUSALP), Working Group of the Alpine Convention and further meetings

Transport (Working Group of the Alpine Convention)

Natural hazards (Platform PLANALP)

Berglandwirtschaft (Plattform)

Multiannual Programme 2011-2016 (MAP)

Platform Energy (2013/14)

"Wildlife and Society" (Platform WISO)

No further CAA-representation in the platform since 2011. Official documents under

Ecological Network (Platform)

Since 2012 no further CAA-representation in the PF. Information:

PF ecological network

Watermanagement (Platform)

Discussion "Future of the Alpine Convention" 2010




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