Positions and recommendations

The CAA as a representative of interests of its member associations and accordant to its statutes and its scope of functions puts out consolidated statements and comments to political institutions on an international, especially alpine wide level and to international NGOs, with main focus on the areas of nature protection and alpine spatial planning. Furthermore during the last years the mountaineering commission prepared several common recommendations concerning many mountain sports activities. 

Joint position concerning pedelecs/e-bikes (2017)

Positions concerning nature potection and alpine spatial planning:

Protect the alpine landscapes (2014, update 2017)

Via ferratas in nature and landscape (2009, revision 2017)

Position on artificial snow making (2016)

Update position EUSALP (2014)

Update wind power plants in mountain areas

Adventure installations (2012)

Energy Policy in the Alps (2012)

Alpine sports and risks involved (2012)

Macro-regional strategy for the Alps (2011)

Climate strategy and climate measures (2010)

Politcal demands with respect to climate change (2009)

Motorised off-road traffic in the Alps (2009)

Mountaineering Charter (2008)

Wind power plants in mountain areas (2006)

Environmental regulations for ski mountaineering competitions (2004)


Common recommendations:

REcommendations "Safe indoor climbing" (2017)

Recommendations "Belay devices for sport climbing" (2016)

Recommendations "Safe Ski tours" (2015)

Recommendations "Safety on Alpine tours" (2015)

Recommendations "Mountain biking - safe and fair" (2013)

Recommendations Safety on Via Ferratas (2012)

Recommendations Hiking in Safety (2012)


Positions in italian language (until 2011)

Positions in french language (until 2011)

Positions in slovenian language (until 2011)



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